For the last 9 months, I’ve been baby proofing my business. This could be a futile event, but only time will tell! I’ve shared what I’ve been doing during each trimester to prepare my biz for baby’s arrival. Want to read the whole series? Check out what I did in the 1st trimester and the 2nd trimester to prepare.

I prepped my business by doing the following activities in my last trimester:

  • Around 30 weeks of pregnancy, I stopped taking clients
  • By week 36, I wrapped up the loose ends on all client projects
  • Launched FB4L a 2nd time
  • Decided to test an evergreen sales funnel in July and August while I’m on maternity leave
  • Created a new lead generator for FB4L
  • Created and updated my automation sequence for my lead in’s to test sales funnels to my evergreen products
  • Prepped 25 blogs so I can keep putting out great content even while on maternity leave
  • Paused any business subscriptions I wouldn’t need while on maternity leave to save money
  • Created new canned emails to manage my email with ease when I’m away
  • Made sure all my bookkeeping and finances are as up to date as possible

Business is personal
Further along in this post, I share what I have done to baby proof both my business and my family. That’s because business is personal. Our businesses are expression of who we are and our contribution to humanity. I see the separation of business and personal as a very masculine, old school model – one that we’ve outgrown – and it just doesn’t work for me. If I’m healthy, then my business is healthy and my family is healthy. Isn’t this the ultimate goal?

Taking it one day at a time
One challenge of the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is that I only had about 2-4 hours a day where I was anywhere near productive. The rest of the time was either various appointments (massage, doctor, chiropractors) or I was engaging in my new olympic sport, napping.

I truly believe that the reason why pregnant women are known for being so emotional is that they don’t get enough sleep. If you’re working full time up to your due date or have other children, I tip my hat to you lady. You are a warrior woman and I worship your strength. I simply could not do it. Luckily, I didn’t have to due to the systems and support I have that carry my business when I cannot.

The great news about this is I’ve learned to take it one day at a time; a skill I’ve heard is really helpful when you have a baby. Many days I’d get up with great ideas of what I would accomplish, only to return to bed because of sickness and exhaustion.
This also meant on glorious days when I did have energy, I crossed off my TO DO list like I was Zorro with my sword.

Nesting is REAL people!
The most delicious part of my 3rd trimester was discovering NESTING!
Not every woman experiences nesting. This is a shame because it’s like falling in love. You can’t sleep. You can’t eat. You can’t work. All you do this think about whatever task you are obsessed with. For me, it was decluttering and organization. I would fall asleep at night imaging how to fold and stack my towels. Please note: while I am a lover of decluttering, I have never wondered what the proper way to fold a towel is in my entire life.

Needless to say, nesting was a HUGE distraction where I couldn’t focus on my business AT ALL! I essentially neglected my business, so that I could declutter my entire house. My inspiration came from the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. It’s as good as everyone says it is.

I used to marvel at women who had their hospital bag packed and baby’s clothing all folded and ready weeks in advance. Now, I AM that woman. It’s all very odd, but I’m enjoying seeing a different side of myself that I did not know existed.  My husband (who IS a domestic goddess) also enjoyed this new side of me and joined me in my declutter organization obsession.

Asking for Help
Out of necessity, pregnancy has taught me the importance of asking for help.
After I was done my nesting insanity, I had very few weeks left before my due date. Most of the list at the top of the blog happened after week 35 of my pregnancy. I hadn’t planned to leave so much until the last minute, but I was just so in love with nesting I couldn’t help myself.
My writer, designer and online business manager were quickly flooded with work.  Anything that could be done by others – like the writing of autoresponders and the setting them up – was delegated to someone else. This way I could focus on what I had to do.
Delegating in my business life is a GREAT deal easier than delegating in my personal life. When contemplating the transition into motherhood, I had many a moment where I’d freak out thinking that I couldn’t possibly balance it all, only to realize that I had completely forgotten that parenting will be a joint effort. I have a husband who will also help me raise this child.

There are so many people that offer support when you’re pregnant. I had to force myself to stop thinking I had to do it all myself.

Here are some resources I called upon in my personal life to be a happier and healthier mama:

  • In my 2nd trimester, I hired a cleaner. Lord bless that woman! I’m never going back.
  • I asked a friend to be my personal shopper and buy me clothes that were cool for the summer and breast feeding. I hate shopping so why spend my 2-4 hour of energy on anything but what I love? Plus, SHE LOVED IT and nailed it with the outfits.
  • Created a “Baby Meal Train” list. When this new baby comes, I have one month worth of food being delivered to my home by friends and family. How amazing is that! I created a google doc with all the contact information for people who volunteered to make us a meal and deliver it to our door. My two best friends will coordinate the days and deliveries. When this baby pops out. I will dial one number and my food delivery service will begin.

All in all, I believe it when women say having a baby will make you a better CEO. I’m saying no to activities that aren’t worth my investment or don’t bring me joy. I’m taking better care of myself. And the operational systems I have in place are continually being added to. I’m relying on others more and less on myself.

Have you prepped your business for baby before? Any advice? What about on the other side? Anything I should try to get in place now for when baby comes?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.