Are there too many courses out there?

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So you’re thinking about launching your own online course.

You’re ready for passive income.

You KNOW people need to learn what you are teaching.

But you’re worried because maybe there isn’t a market anymore, MAYBE this whole e-course thing is just a fad and it’s almost over. There are too many courses already out there so I shouldn’t even try.


If you’ve had these thoughts then, listen up! I’ve got some fear crushing to do.

Have you taken an online course? Maybe a few too many courses?

Congratulations, you’re an early adopter!

Currently the online education world is estimated to be worth 100 BILLION Dollars (whoot whoot).

Outside of the online world, how many of your friends even know that online courses are possible? Don’t worry, they are going to know.

The industry continues to grow because:

Education is changing.

All this fear around there being too many courses is based on the idea that online trainings by and for entrepreneurs didn’t exist more than a couple of decades ago. But distance learning isn’t new (correspondence courses began in the 1700s!), and for a long time business courses were held as in person workshops. Think sales trainings in somebody’s office, or lunch and learn events at the local chamber of commerce.

Now things are changing from instructor-led classrooms to self-study programs. It’s part of people’s growing need for flexibility. For instance, I’m a mom, and I don’t want to leave the house at 7pm to take a class. That’s when I put the baby down, and I’d rather work on courses at home when I have pockets of time available.

Sure, there are lots of courses out there these days, but they’re not for everybody – and that’s the whole point. You can find courses for all kinds of stuff, like:
  1.  How to train a cat to go to the bathroom
  2.  How to save money when traveling to Disney
  3.  How to boost your daughter’s confidence
  4.  How to improve your IVF success
  5.  How to live long and gluten-free

This is all pretty niche stuff, and that’s a good thing. Because remember, you don’t need a million people to take your course, only 100 or 1000 or 5000. And you can find these people simply by being more visible online.

Online Courses Save Time.

You’d never say there’s too many books out there, or too many movies. Yes, there’s more competition in the online learning market, but there’s also a growing need for niche courses.

The market for courses is growing because people want to learn in a way that’s customized just for them. Everyone is time-strapped these days. So when it comes time to learn something new, they want to hit the ground running.

That’s why I purchased the Stress Less and Impress course. I didn’t want to take the time to figure out what welcome packages, or project management tools to use. Instead, I wanted a proven and ready-made system that I could customize and quickly put into action. So I signed up for the course, finished it in 10 hours, and voila! Now I save 10 hours a week because things are much more streamlined in my business.

On the flip side, that’s also why I created my FB Ads for Launching course. I’m an expert on developing effective Facebook ads, and I have spent countless hours experimenting, researching, analyzing data, answering questions, asking questions, reading blogs, reading Facebook rules, listening to podcasts –all so you don’t have to. Because my course participants aren’ t interested in doing all that. They want a solution from an expert to show them the exact steps they need to take to get their ads up and converting in no time.

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Women love to learn.

The truth is that women love to learn, and many of us buy a ton of self-help books. (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, anyone?) But we’re never really done learning.

Before I started taking online courses, I always had the desire to learn about new things. So I would skim the Internet and find all the blog and Pinterest posts I could on a given topic. Problem was, marketing is constantly changing, and these posts weren’t always up-to-date on how to do things. Now I can buy a course from someone who’s had success in that area, then either take it myself or give it to my virtual assistant to learn. What I love about the online community is that it makes learning available all year round. Traditional education starts up in September and ends around the following May. Oftentimes, there wasn’t anything available to me, and I’d have to wait until the next school year rolled around. Now I can take everything under the sun anytime I want to learn something that will help improve my business and my life.

I know that I’ve taken A LOT of online courses because I love to learn. How about you? Have you taken quite a few? What about your biz BFFs?

So if you’re on the fence about creating your course, do it. There’s lots of room for you and everyone else.


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  • Yes! I really love taking a good course. I’ve recently discovered Udemy… which is kind of like the Ikea of courses. I’m also knee-deep into creating my own course and it can feel pretty darn overwhelming. 3 lessons completed- only 13 more to go… and then film intros… and then…. (you know the drill).

  • I am kind of over the super-generic course or the one where you are looking for the refund policy 2 seconds later. I think there is always room for the kind of course where you are giving actual expert advice, or learning a specific skill that will add value to your own business. I also think the experience counts, because frustrations with the material can hurt the learning process.

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