In business, it’s really easy to get in the mindset of wanting to invite everyone to enjoy what we have to offer.
Either we are just really nice and want to help everyone, and we don’t want to exlude. Or we are a little desperate and we don’t want to turn down money if it’s coming our way.
Either way, its not a great way to do business.
Here’s a quote from a very wise man who has much to teach us about business.  Bill Cosby says:
“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” 
In my quest to please everyone, my road has been longer and more painful than if I had been selfish in my business.  I don’t want you to make the same mistake!
Thats why you gotta say no to the not-so-exciting clients and  try to make space for those lovely people you want. 
It’s yo party and you don’t need to invite everybody to it!
Why is trying to please everyone the key to failure? There are 2 big reasons.
Number 1 – Respect YO SELF.
We’ve all had that friend (or been that friend) so eager for a date that they try to be everything to everyone.  Then the things that we absolutely adore about our friend slowly disappear and they are kind of a hot mess. 
Didn’t you always wish that friend would realize how amazing they are and walk away from those who wanted them to be someone else? That’s the same for you! Your business is amazing for the kind of clients you actually serve . Let clients who need something else find someone else.
Number 2 – You Are boring.
To be pleasing to many, you gotta be a bit dull, so no one reacts to you (good or bad).  Kinda like celery.
If you’re boring, you’re not shining your light. How can the right client who is looking JUST FOR YOU know where you are if you are hiding?
So Party Person! In the comments below I want you to tell me:
Who can you say no to today? Who can you turn down? Is there a client you’ve been wanting to let go of but you just can’t, or a gig that doesn’t pay well and you don’t even like? If you’ve done this before, tell me how it went.