9-types-of-images-to-build-desire-for-your-launchAs I’ve said many times before, it’s essential to build desire BEFORE you launch. Think of yourself as a burlesque dancer teasing your audience. Your goal is to build desire with launch emails, advertising, word of mouth networking and social media.

Many times, we also need beautiful, catchy and head ­turning images to get our launch noticed.

My favorite images that build buzz include:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Work in progress
  • Selfies or videos of you sharing your excitement
  • Countdown to launch
  • Date of launch announcements
  • Testimonials of successful
  • Celebrations of individuals who have used your program/product/service and had great results
  • Launch open now!
  • Launch closing soon!

I asked a few women in the Launch Warrior & Monster Slayer Facebook group to share the images that they use to build buzz. Here is what they said and the images that help them in their launches:

Kristie Lorette McCauley used styled desktop photography with added text from Canva to promote her website.

Kristie Lorette McCauley 4

Kristie Lorette McCauley

Kristie Lorette McCauley 2

Kristie Lorette McCauley 3

Sarah Shotts recently launched her “Venture Planner” and used lots of behind­-the-scenes and work in progress images to showcase the artwork that she created to make the planner come alive.

Sarah Shotts

Sarah Shots2.1

Sarah Shotts 2

Sarah Shotts 3


Personal trainer, Elyse Sparks built excitement for her program “Tone & Tune up” with lots of behind the scenes sneak peaks.

Elyse Sparks

Elyse Sparks 3Elyse Sparks 2

Elyse Sparks 4

Kelsey Baldwin created a series of images in Photoshop and Illustrator that align with her branding. She also used sneak peeks to build up to the official launch. Here are a few from her blog launch and for the launch of her design services.

Kelsey baldwin

Kelsey baldwin2

Kelsey baldwin3

Kelsey baldwin 4

Heather Crabtree just launched her program “Streamline with Systems”. Here are a few of the images she used to announce her launch and remind her clients to sign up before the doors closed:

Heather Crabtree 2

Heather Crabtree


What kind of images do you use to build buzz for your launch? Do you have an image you can share?