I’ve been using FB ads to support the launch of my latest course “FB Ads for Launching”.

In the last two weeks, I’ve spent:

$625.56 promoting a “FB Ads for Launching FREE Training” Webinar

$66.23 on directing my entire list & FB followers to the FB Ads for Launching sales page (This list includes the webinar participants I previously targeted).

Why promote the webinar to strangers & my list?

Ultimately, I had 2 goals:

  1. Grow my email list
  2. Sell my product to my list (and hopefully these new subscribers too!)

I chose to invest far more heavily in the webinar because it’s something I am giving away for free. It allows new individuals to meet me face to face and it delivered REAL value.

I ran ads to my FB followers, my list and I targeted “look-a-like” audiences who were similar to the list I already had (therefore, hopefully making them cheaper to convert).

Why promote the sales page to ONLY my list?

I only promoted my sales page to my followers because these are “warm leads”. They (hopefully) know, like and trust me. Warm leads (as apposed to cold leads who don’t know you) are way more likely to buy. 

While everyone on my email list gets information about my launch, they don’t all open the emails. I wanted to make sure they knew about the product before the doors close.

Additionally, sometimes people need to see something more than once for it to occur to them that they should buy it. OR they think they’ll buy it later (i.e. procrastinators). It’s  good to give em a little poke to purchase.

Here’s what I learned in the process:

My copy didn’t seem to matter.

I tested headlines, and long and short descriptions. These didn’t seem to impact the cost or conversion of the ad.

Webinars are more costly for me to promote.

The average cost for someone to sign up was $2.81.

Since I’ve used advertising in the past with FB, I know that other offers I’ve given have proved to be more cost effective (This is exactly the opposite of a client of mine – so make sure to do your testing).

Target & Image are the most important but different for each target.

Here’s the ad that the look-a-like audiences (people who don’t know me) converted the best for:

green farideh fb ad

Here’s the ad that my list and Facebook followers liked the best. This ad I designed myself with Canva. Surprisingly, the professionally developed ads didn’t do as well with people who already knew me.

yellow farideh fb ad

My webinar conversions are relatively dismal.

Many online resources state that a 10% conversion rate on live webinar attendees is normal (aka 10% of those attending buy). This hasn’t been my experience. Either I need more practice (very likely) or this just isn’t my platform (also possible).

Despite my dismal abilities,  I still made back what I invested in 24 hours. This feels like a success to me.

People loved the training.

In this way, I felt the most successful. Quite a few individuals walked away being able to do ads immediately and didn’t need the course. Which is awesome! The people who came felt all loved up and excited about doing ads for themselves. Long-term, this is a business strategy that lights me up.

FB ads case study. She spent $700 on FB ads. Here’s what happened – Tweet this.

So, what were the results?

  • I made $750 within 24hrs recouping my investment almost immediately. These sales were directly from webinar participants.
  • 421 Registrants for the Webinar
  • 129 Live Attendees
  • 154 Replay Attendees
  • 288 New Email Subscribers
  • 76 New FB Page likes

The additional sales (beyond the webinar participants) is hard to account for. 

Was it the FB ads or the previous relationship that is the result of these sales?  I can’t be sure. I waited a few days into the launch before I started on the ads to the sales page. I noticed a spike in sales as soon as I did this – that’s a great sign.

Indirect Results?

What’s cool about FB ads is that they also act as publicity for us. They raise our profile amongst our colleagues, competitors and others.

As a result of the ads, I attracted the attention of 3 future collaborators – who I think are a few steps ahead of me in business. These individuals reached out to me because they’d seen my ads. These connections would have most likely occurred over time but much faster because I was in their FB feed.

Are you ready to try FB ads but have no clue where to start? Learn more about FB Ads for Launching here.