50-ways-to-build-buzzCertain marketing tactics can make us want to barf. They feel off, wrong or not in alignment with who we are. 2 VERY popular marketing techniques everyone seems to swear by are webinars and 3­-part video series….but when everyone is doing them, how can you really stand out?

Marketing that is fresh, fun and exciting is what gets noticed. So pay attention to the marketing that you hate, makes you want to barf or avoid! You don’t have to do it! In fact, your aversion will drive you to create marketing that ACTUALLY gets noticed.

Follow what feels fun and exciting to you.

Staying creative and coming up with new ideas is essential to keeping your audience engaged.

If you’re running out of ideas, here’s 50 ways to build buzz without doing a webinar:

1. Take selfies of yourself working on a project

2. Post photos of your creative working space

3. Post testimonials of people in beta on Twitter

4. Do a guest post

5. Have others guest post on your site

6. Feature your client’s success stories as blog posts

7. Create weekly stories about the changes people go through using your products or in your program

8. Sneak a peek of the design of what you’re launching

9. Write blog posts directly about the issues you’ll be tackling in your blog

10. Host a tweet chat

11. Host a pinterest contest

12. Host a campaign around a unique hashtag. Check out #wildheart #ishineyoushine and #goodcleanfun on Instagram for some inspiration

13. Host a launch party at a local cafe and invite big wigs

14. Reach out to local media to feature your story

15. Do a blog tour. Here’s a great example from the Yogipreneur Rachael Cook

16. Run a promo for bloggers who review your product or book. With their review, they win something. Gabby Bernstein did this with her release of “May Cause Miracles”

17. Run a scholarship for placement in your program in exchange for applicants promotion

18. Create a “Love Page” on your website with easy “click to tweets” and images to empower your friends, family and followers to share with their networks

19. Take words and lines you’ve written on your sales page and release them as tweets

20. Launch a Facebook ad campaign

21. Launch a Twitter ad campaign

22. In­person networking

23. Personally invite people to your program via phone, email or word of mouth

24. Find out where your people like to shop locally. Approach these shops to see if you can collaborate.

25. Schedule 100 interviews with individual members of your list and make a personal connection.

26. Pay $5 for someone to wear your tshirt. Yes, you can do that.

27. Create a street team and empower your biggest fans to share your message. Remember to ply them with gifts of love and appreciation to keep them motivated.

28. Feature OTHERS. Interview the people who are doing what your clients DREAM of.

29. Add info about what you’re working on to your email signature

30. Do something ridiculous ­ like THIS or THIS 

31. Go on Fiverr and get someone ridiculous to make a pretend testimonial for you. PS. make it so over the top that it’s clear it’s a joke and you’re not trying to scam people.

32. Reach out to your University Alumni about featuring you

33. Create weekly behind the scenes videos of you running your biz

34. Use social media to feature the people on your team working on your launch (i.e. writers, designers, etc.)

35. Directly email every single one of the peeps on your list personally. Yes, people do this.

36. Ask previous happy customers to post in groups, tweet and share about the difference you’ve made in their lives

37. Put together an animated video about your launch

38. Host a dance party to celebrate your launch

39. Create an instagram loop giveaway

40. Host a local party to promote your business

41. Make a video sharing your excitement

42. Gather endorsements from well known experts or celebrities in your area

43. Let your email list know what you are up consistently

44. Team up! Develop connections with launch partners and affiliates to spread the word.

45. Leave coupons at your fav coffee shop for deals

46. Put up posters & handbills if you have an event

47. Write a song about it [or hire me to write one for you 🙂 ]

48. Run a pre­launch campaign to raise awareness before you actually launch.

49. Create an online community a.k.a. FB group

50. Support others a.k.a. comment on blogs, show up in other groups ­ this can go a long way!

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Do you have any other ideas? Any tips of things you’ve done in the past? Post them below!