5 warning signs your FB ads manager sucksPin me baby one more time!

Have you hired a Facebook Ads Manager… Analyst… Expert… Strategist? These days, the gurus of Facebook advertising go by many names, but a name doesn’t always validate their expertise.

Here are 5 warning signs that your Facebook Ads Manager sucks:

1) They make grandiose promises

Have you been promised 1000 leads at $0.01/lead?
Maybe they guaranteed you 5000 webinar sign ups for $1/sign up?
Perhaps you’ve been told your $500 ad budget will definitely secure you that 6 figure launch?

I call b.s.

Unless this “expert” has worked with you in the past, in your niche, on a similar offer and you absolutely KNOW this is true then…they suck.  

Beware of the gurus who promise specific figures and dollar amounts… unless their package comes with a guaranteed refund when your campaign doesn’t perform as they promised.

A true expert will give you the facts and figures of their past campaign performance. A true expert will also let you know that the cost of a cold or warm lead varies based on an infinite number of factors like: the offer, the target, your niche, the ad itself, time of year etc…

If an expert’s promises sounds too good to be true, chances are they are too.

2) Their pricing is less than you pay for a Starbucks coffee

If you found your Facebook Ads manager on Upwork for $2.50/hour, WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU?

Most people spend more money on their Starbucks coffee than what you are investing in Facebook Ads management.

You get what you pay for.

A great Facebook ads manager is there to maximize your Facebook ads investment. Expect to pay at least $500/month or $1500/campaign for this team member to set up the strategy and tweak it on a daily basis.

You need to find an expert whose pricing aligns with your budget and the level of performance you expect to receive.

3) Your ads look like a 5 year old created them

If your ad image looks like it was created in Microsoft Paint and saved in a format that is too low-res for even the web…

Or your ad copy contains spelling mistakes (that weren’t done on purpose)…

If your ad image has nothing to do with your product or target audience…

Maybe you don’t even know what you are selling after seeing your own ad…

You’ve got a case of the UGLY ADS.

Nothing will make a campaign bomb faster than ad creative and copy that doesn’t align to your product, your brand or your target audience.

An ugly ad creator can not call themselves an expert

4) They forget to communicate

You rarely hear from you Facebook Ads manager. Weeks go by without an update.

You’re mid launch and they’ve gone MIA. Of course you want to trust everyone on your team but you’re going crazy worried about how much you’re spending.

A great Facebook Ads manager will update you every week and periodically when they make a change or have a suggestion to improve your results.


5) They don’t know what “retargeting” means

Anyone can watch a training video on how to use the Power Editor and figure out how to fire up a Facebook Ad campaign – that’s why I created Facebook Ads for Launching because so many entrepreneurs like to DIY.


Not everyone knows how to target.

The first measure of a Facebook Ads expert is how well they RESEARCH and REACH your target audience.

Age, gender, location, complementors, competitors, ad placement, device usage… all of these factors come into play with audience targeting.

Oh… and if they have no clue what “retargeting” is.





I wrote a song about firing clients that will work just as well with a Facebook ad manager:)

It takes a certain finesse to successfully run Facebook ad campaigns. If you are looking for a team that considers Facebook advertising our zone of genius – move over and let us take care of it for you! Find out how you can work with us.