10Launch monster “Surprising Sally” happens to everyone.

You’re on your way, getting ready for your launch… minding your own business when WHAMO!

Sally can show up as a BIG wild insane surprise like tech problems or a cease and desist letter for using someone’s trademark (ahem….that MAY have happen to me for this course).

Other times, she is much sneakier. She pounces in the form of zero sales, launch crickets or refunds galore.

Next week, I am hosting a Pre-Launch Party Bash. It’s a FREE live event taking place April 7-11th. I’ve gathered 5 other launch experts so that Surprising Sally doesn’t derail your launch.

Here are 5 launch surprises you’re likely not prepared for:

#1 Legal stuff

There are some weird legal stuff that can happen even in the wild west of the online world. Did you know your payment policy could be against federal law?

tamsen circleTamsen Horton will make sure this NEVER happens to you. She’ll be sharing 4 launching landminds and phew! she makes it easy for you to make sure you’re inside the law.

#2 Your product bombed

Ouch. Painful. How can his be? You worked your butt off and you had such a commitment to helping others. People aren’t happy with what you’ve put together. The refunds are flowing in.

dayna_house_circleDayna House, Instructional Strategist (aka she holds a masters degree in this stuff). Will be sharing the 3 keys to a product that is WORLD CLASS. To ENSURE your product is good and gets the results you want your clients to have. Dayna’s video is a NOT TO MISS.

#3 No one purchased because your pricing is all-kinds-of-wrong

You had an idea for your price, based mostly on your own pricing preferences. You talked to your business coach/business bestie/psychic guide and they said no it should be ______. This was also based on nothing but opinion.

You come to launch and no one purchases! Why? Because you didn’t have an actual pricing strategy.Tina Headshot 450 by 300 (1)

Tina White, CPA will be sharing 3 ways to price your product so you can ensure you have the RIGHT price.

 #4 No one purchased… because no one knows who you are!

This is the big one. This is the one that almost everyone makes (including myself).

If you build it, no one will come?

There is an old world belief that a great product sells itself.  It doesn’t. Not at first anyway. A great product will get your repeat clients and referrals, but how will you get your customers for those repeats and referrals?

List building is the answer. Building a list of people who would LOVE to pay for your product is ESSENTIAL to your pre-launch plan. If you don’t do this, you will not recoup the time, money and tears you’ve invested in your program.

patromainPat Romain, a fellow launch strategist, will be sharing 4 List Building strategies to build your list FAST during the Pre-Launch Party Bash. You don’t want to miss her.

#5 Tech, Tech, Tech

An old boyfriend’s mother used to say, “the err is human, but to really mess something up – you need a computer.”

Oh dear.

I don’t think I need to tell you about the tech problems that can happen during a launch. Your blood pressure is probably up just 2 notches thinking about it.

AmandaGenther-circleAmanda Genther, designer and digital product strategist opening up her black book of recommended resources for digital products. If you have a course or a ebook on the way, she’s your girl.

What do you do NOW?

Join the Pre-Launch Party Bash of course. Don’t worry, you can stay in your PJ’s. I’ll bring the fun, the friends and the prizes 🙂


Click here to join.

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