It’s no secret that I love Facebook ads.

I love them because:

  1. They work.
  2. Checking on them and seeing what converts is like a big game to me that is FAR more interesting then Candy Crush. Yes, checking on FB ads is what I like to do on a Sunday night!

A few months ago I wrote this blog post about my own experience in Facebook ads. It was one of my most popular blogs so far. If you’d like to see a real life case study of how I used them in my own business, then read it now.

They’ve been so effective for my clients that I rolled Facebook Ad management into my 1-on-1 services.

Here are 5 ways you could use Facebook ads to support your next launch:


1. Promote your ________(insert: webinar/3 part video series/or other lead magnet) to people who look JUST like your list.

This here is list building 101 with Facebook ads.

There are people on your email list who LOVE you. They want to attend everything you do and think you’re amazing. They also WANT to buy from you.

In Facebook, you can upload your email list and then create a “Look-a-like” audience. This audience has similar likes and habits of your email list. This means they are more likely to love everything you do AND they are cheaper to target then just any Joe Shmoe on Facebook.


2. Target Your Facebook Page Likers and get them on your email list

Tired of paying to promote your every post? Don’t want to lose those leads for your next launch? Create an ad to one of your freebies or live trainings and GET THEM ON YOUR LIST!


3. Target your list to ENSURE they don’t miss your launch

Here you are, sending out your launch email sequence telling your list that they can BUY that beautiful product you have. You look at your open rates and see 40%! Shock horror, that means 55% of your list doesn’t know your product is for sale! Not any more! Target them with a Facebook ad and make it easy for them to explore your sales page.


5 ways to support your launch using Facebook Ads – Tweet this!


4. Re-target those procrastinators who have been to your sales page but not purchased

Your job in a launch is to inspire ACTION. When buying new products, purchasers like to “think about it”, but often forget and move on. Don’t let his happen during your launch. You can target those people who have been to your sales page and then decided to buy later.

This approach is especially helpful when you have lots of friends and family sharing your launch and the people going to your sales page are not entirely the people from your list


5. Get fresh leads daily to sell an evergreen product

Perhaps you want to keep your product open for sale all the time? If that’s the case, you’re going to need new leads all the time. You can use Facebook ads to promote one of your free opt ins, live events or trainings as the beginning of a sales funnel. Once they sign up, create a series of auto-responders that sell your evergreen product.


Farideh facebook webinarFacebook Ads for Launching LIVE Training

On Feb 17th, 2015,  I’ll be doing a webinar showing you exactly how to set up a Facebook Ad. If you’d like to no longer be afraid of the power editor and be a conversion pixel badass then sign up now.