Are you tired of small steps and ready for the big leap?

You have everything ready to take off, but what do you do to make it happen?

I’m the kind of girl that wants things to happen NOW. Not tomorrow, not a year from now, NOW.

A few years ago, I released a record and spent a TON of money on it. It was a  total stretch. There was a market for the album, but it was a very niche audience.

I wanted to world to see it. So, I sat and did my “evil genius work” – plotting and scheming the ways I could ensure the right people heard it.

I decided to do a 90-day house concert tour in the US. I ‘d reach out to people I did not know, ask to stay in their house, perform for their friends and sell CDs.  It was a GINORMOUS task! From my experience, I find big, bold jobs are the most inspiring and get the most results.

It knew this option would give me the grass roots foundation I needed to grow online sales later.

My team of one organized it, promoted it and made it happen. 3 months later, I had made a name for myself in my niche and was selling albums like crazy.

I didn’t grow one small step at a time. I experienced exponential growth. My fan base grew from 0-1000. I sold out of my first printing of the CD. I received an invitation to perform at the San Francisco Opera House. My work was shared and talked about in my niche audience.

3 surprisingly easy steps for exponential growth – Tweet that!

 1) Create a Marketing Strategy

You need  a marketing strategy to achieve your sales goals and audience growth. Not only did I book the concerts, I crafted ways to connect with my audience before, during and after performances. I created systems that encouraged my hosts to easily share my work to ensure the house was filled with the right kinds of people. While at the show, I put on a damn good performance that nourished and served my audience. They recognized that I I truly loved and appreciated them.  I also had a follow up system in place to keep in touch with my fans long after my show was over.

This is the first step in my  Grow Your Tribe Bootcamp. We brainstorm creative, fun and non-icky ways to get you noticed.

2) Ask for help

A team of one is always limited. You need advisors, mentors, champions and influencers on hand to help. I didn’t know a single soul in the US , but I was planning a 90 day concert tour. I began by asking my current customers who they knew. I reached out to individuals online. I looked for collaborations with similar artists.

This is why the Grow Your Tribe Bootcamp is a group program. You are limited with only one brain and one way of doing things. Your fellow bootcampers will see opportunities for you that you can’t see for yourself. You’ll have an opportunity to bounce your ideas off of other entrepreneurs. Peer collaboration could be just the thing you need to build your confidence.

3) Take massive action in a short period of time

I absolutely believe that MASSIVE ACTION= MASSIVE RESULTS. I see it all the time in my work. When you focus all your power and intention in a small amount of time, the results are incredible!

Exponential growth occurs when you take 4-12 weeks to focus, draw on the power of a community and execute a killer marketing strategy.

Take Action Now

In the comments below, tell me:

Which of the 3 steps are you excellent at?

Which one do you need to incorporate more of into your business?