Not sure if you need to hire a facebook ads management company? Will it be worth it? I'll give you 4 easy ways to know for sure.

If you want to hire a Facebook Ads Management Company it’s a big decision and investment. How do you know you need to hire it out and not DIY or give the job to your VA?  Here are 6 signs you need to hire a Facebook Ads management company.

#1. Your time is worth more than $100/hr

If you’re just beginning and you are doing everything and not making much money – than perhaps you need to DIY your ads.

However, at some point you’re going to need to let some tasks go.

Which tasks do you let go first? And is Facebook advertising one of them?

My personal favourite exercise is to make a list of all the tasks you do. Then categorize the task as a $15-50/hr, a $100-200/hr and $1000+/hr. Your job as an entrepreneur is to spend more time on the $1000+/hr tasks and hire out everything else.

What falls in the $1000/hr mark? Anything that falls in the Creating, Connecting and Selling departments. For example: Creating passive income products, selling your services and coaching packages and writing newsletters to your audience.

#2. You have a large advertising budget

Once you are investing over $1000/month for your launch or on an ongoing basis you need a professional to maximize your investment. The money you save on a DIY approach starts costing you money because this isn’t your genius zone.

Our team is running FB ads every day. We’re up to date, we don’t get caught up with tech headaches or image sizing issues. We know what’s working and are constantly tweaking your ads to ensure you’re not paying more than you have to.

Ultimately, if you hire a Facebook ads management company, it starts saving you the money you’d be spending on FB ads if you or your VA were running it yourselves.

#3. It’s not in your zone of genius/FB ads make your head want to explode

If it’s not something you geek out on. Don’t do it. Really, hire someone who LOVES this stuff. You’ve only got so much energy in the day, if you’re spending the few hours a day you have working on FB ads that make you want to die then you aren’t spending your time doing somethign you love – which will make you more money and happiness long term.

Seriously, we geek out on this stuff. Let us take care of your Facebook ads for you.

#4. You’ve got a great offer and you know it sells

Facebook ads are good, but they aren’t magic.

If no one wants to buy your product, or even if it’s just hard to sell – then no amount of Facebook advertising is going to change that.

Run a small size sale to your list or a beta test if you’ve never tried it before. Then, once you know people want to buy your product – come to us and we can help you make more money.

Any other signs I missed? Let me know in the comments below.