Facebook (FB) ads can be time consuming and frustrating – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Perhaps you’ve tried Facebook ads, but didn’t see the results you wanted and just gave up.

Maybe, you’re too busy and its just not a priority for you.

In either case, you thought to yourself : “I’ll just find someone to do this for me! Isn’t that what successful entrepreneurs do?”


You’re dead wrong. (Don’t worry, I thought so too!)


One of the interesting things I found when I first opened the doors to “FB Ads for Launching” was just how many participants HAD hired someone to handle their FB ads previously. The results of their campaigns were dismal.

These women realized they needed to go back, understand FB ads and THEN hire it out in order to get the results they wanted.

Why hiring someone else to handle your FB Ads is a waste of time and money:

Note: It’s not because your FB ad manager isn’t incredible at what she does. It’s not the copy she wrote or the image she sourced. 

It’s you.

  • No one knows your clients like you do.

No matter the talent of your FB manager, the strength of your offer or creativity of your FB ad; the truth is no one knows your audience like you. You know where your ideal client is hanging out, the words that speak to her, and the images that will catch her eye.

  • The magic of FB ads is unlocked through tweaking and testing.

FB ads don’t work the way most people think. You cannot set and forget. Copy, images and targets need to be adjusted to see what works for you and your clients. You may need to adjust your offer or your landing page. If those aren’t just right, there is nothing a FB ad guru can do to make it cheaper or convert better.

  • Hiring it out ain’t cheap.

The prices for FB ad campaign management run from $1000 – $3000. Often it takes a few months of learning to figure out what works best for your targets. This isn’t the investment in the actual ads – it’s the investment in having someone do it for you.

Here’s what to do instead.

  • Learn FB ads.
  • Discover what works for your people.
  • Tweak and test and learn what works.

When you’re ready to outsource, you will be able to confidently hand it over to your VA or a FB ad manager and know you aren’t wasting your money because you are READY.

But _______ hires her FB ads out!?!

You’re right, there are busy entrepreneurs who skip learning about FB ads and just hiring a manager. These women express that while they know they SHOULD do it, they just don’t and so they’d rather spend the extra money to MAKE SURE it gets done. In their opinion, “expensive FB ads are better than no FB ads”.

If you’re ready to build your list and sell out your next launch. Enroll in FB Ads for Launching. I will teach you – simply, easily and in no time at all – how to run your own FB Ads.