First, let me say that there is nothing wrong with mistakes.  I’m a big lover of mistakes.

This week, I share the top 3 mistakes even pros make. They’re the kind of mistakes ANYONE can make at ANY STAGE in their business.

I’ve made these mistakes. Have you?

@FaridehCeaser shares the top 3 course #launch mistakes professionals make TWEET THIS!

1. Launching alone

Trying to launch your course alone is crazy. Get a cleaner, get an assistant, find a friend or someone to talk to. Bottom line: get help. The more time you can dedicate to your launch, the better it will be. If you need a hand planning your launch,  find out how you can work with me.

 2. Launching without an engaged mailing list

If you launch too early without developing a relationship with your potential customers, your sales will likely flop. Spend time with your clientele either via face-to-face or online networking to ensure that your potential customers are connected to you.

3. Not doing the market research

As you know, you must Sell Something People Wanna BUY. If you don’t conduct market research with your clientele or email list, you will struggle to find sales.  Watch the video above for my tips on how to align your product with the needs of your customer.

Have you made 1 of these 3 course launch mistakes?

Have you made any of these mistakes in your launch or business? Is there a BIG no-no that I’ve missed?