200K Funnel Infographic: Before starting any new campaigns, we run a full audit on all our clients. Some of the things we look for in these audits include: Audiences, Placements, Optimizations, CTR & CPC

In January, we started working with a new client with amazing potential, Irene Lyon and her program SmartBody, SmartMind.

In 3 months together we were able to get her 4000 new email subscribers and generate $225,000 US in sales JUST from FB ads – all with only a 12K ad spend!

“They brought in over 225K JUST from Facebook ads!

I’ve done Facebook ads before but I wasn’t getting the level of support I needed for peace of mind.  When I moved over to working with Farideh & Lindsey, I saw an immediate increase in the level of support and strategic expertise. With a fresh approach and increased communication between me and the team, we improved our reach and sales by over 100K… and were able to help WAY more people”.  – Irene Lyon, irenelyon.com

Here’s how we roll when it comes to taking on FB ad clients.


Before starting any new campaigns, we run a full audit on all our clients. Some of the things we look for in these audits include:

Tracking and pixel health: Not sure if you’re ads are working? We check to ensure ads are being tracked for results. We ensure our clients know that the money they are investing are generating ROI and we do this with the pixel data Facebook can provide.

  • Audiences: Want to reduce your ad spend? A major contributor to your advertising success is whether you’re targeting the right people, developing a relationship over time, and retargeting those people into your offers.
  • Placements: Where have the ads been placed and did that actually work? We have many clients curious about whether they’re generating any sales from Instagram – here is where we look at the data and find out the truth.
  • Optimizations: Facebook is always changing. Facebook goes through phases where it will give preferential results to certain campaign objectives. We look to see if the brand was leveraging some of these optimization pockets to their advantage. A few years ago Facebook was favoring video – now, it’s favouring engagement.
  • CTR and CPC: These numbers help us to know where in the funnel we need to tweak. Is it the ad, the landing page, or the targeting? By looking at this data, we can zero in and make the necessary changes to move forward. Psst…. This is where maximizing profits happens.


Irene and her team already had a working sales page and sales funnel. This was Irene’s 5th launch – many online course creators see decreased sales over multiple launches because they aren’t getting enough new leads.

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  • Bring in 4000 highly targeted cold (new) leads.
  • Engagement. Keep those leads engaged over a long period of time to develop the “know, like & trust factor” that will result in sales. This meant engaging with them throughout a 3-part video series to encourage them to participate (instead of dropping off which usually happens in a 3-part series)
  • Retarget. With a higher ticket offer, potential customers will often visit the sales page multiple times. We had retargeting in place to keep those customers coming back for more until they made a purchase. Additionally, after the launch we had a down-sell retargeting ad in place. Not sure how to retarget? Let me teach you.


Since the full strategy has many moving pieces – I thought I’d make you an image.

Here’s how we laid out the FB ad strategy:

Before the launch we ran a series of blogs to highly targeted individuals who expressed an interest in health and wellness.

Those same individuals were later targeted to engage in the Free 3-Part Video series – these blog visitors and their lookalike audiences proved to be more cost effective than going after purely cold traffic (a.k.a we were able to lower the cost of acquiring a lead!)

facebook example ad2


With a 3-Part Video Series, we generally see a drop in engagement after the 1st video. People get busy and distracted with other things. Instead of just relying on them to open the email in their inbox, we served up a reminder in their FB feed. This helped Irene’s audience to really dive into her life changing content and realize that they NEEDED to work with this woman.

Once the 3-part video series was finished, we opened the doors for customers to purchase. During that time, we tried MANY different ads. If you just run one ad during the entire course launch people will start to ignore it. You need to put fresh creative and copy in front of them to show them the value of purchasing the offer. One successful strategy used was testimonial ads – and wow! 30% of sales came from these ads alone.

facebook example ad


  • 145 sales for the main offer! The average cost of a sale was $99.94 – for a $1500 product!
  • 50 sales for downsell offer. Wha? Next step – making this puppy evergreen so Irene can enjoy better cash flow!
  • 67% sales came from mobile. If your website isn’t optimized – you’re missing out on CASH!
  • Over 40% of Irene’s sales came from retargeting sales page visitors. Retargeting is a MUST! You need to nurture and remind them of the value of the offer. You want your sales page visitors to come back wanting more!

We currently have space to help 3 entrepreneurs on their launch or ecommerce store.

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