WARNING. The below mentioned steps may cause extreme whiplash due to “donkey riding’. Do not attempt to create and launch a course in 2 weeks if you have never created a course before, beta tested your product or battled tech demons who wish to devour all your content.  A hastily launched course can cause damage to your business if you haven’t thoroughly done your due diligence to ensure the product is world class for your customers.

The Story

The insanity began two weeks ago when I asked my private Facebook group:

“What is the #1 launching skill you’d like to learn?”

The answer was Facebook ads.

Since FB ads is something I know a great deal about, I decided I should do a webinar. Then, I thought “Why not make a whole course!”

This is the story of how FB Ads for Launching (my latest e-course of 12 videos, worksheets, bonuses, private FB group) came to be in 2 weeks.


The 5 easy & wildly unusual steps to create & launch your course in 2 weeks

Be pregnant (preferably in your 2nd trimester). You’re going to need the power of 2 souls to do this.

The knowledge that a small human being is coming into this world is one of the most powerful motivations of human behaviour.  You’ve heard of mothers picking up cars off of their children? This feat is akin to such an experience.

Ride donkey.

For more info on what this looks like, go to the source of donkey riding herself, Leonie Dawson. 

What this means in real terms is:

  • Do not bathe for at least week.
  • Abandon all family responsibilities including: cook, cleaning, grocery shopping and giving your husband any attention.
  • Disregard social life entirely.
  • Cancel all meetings.

Hire a small army.

This is an impossible task. Therefore, you will need a league of warriors to charge the battlefield on your behalf.

  • Online Business Manager to do all the tech set up
  • Writer for your sales page, launch emails & social media posts
  • Tech help to rescue you (more than once)
  • Designer for all checklists, worksheets, thumbnails, FB ads
  • VA to get all the small tasks done that you can’t even remember

Everything will go wrong. Laugh in the face of cease and desist letters.

Originally, I called this course Facebook Ads for Launching. That is until Facebook sent me a cease and desist letter. Whoops! Didn’t even think of that. On the plus side, if Facebook is noticing what this little Canadian is doing – I must be doing something right!

I happily ceased and desisted immediately with the help of my small army and changed the name to FB Ads for Launching.

Also, your emails will go out with the wrong links at the wrong time to the wrong people. Keep laughing.

Do not make any of your own decisions.

I hadn’t thought creating this course was possible, until I met with my online business manager, Sarah.  I realized she could do most of the course set up for me! It was like unlocking the magic gates of potential.

I then asked her:

“When should I launch this?” She said the 16th.

“How much should I price this for?” She said $197.

She then suggested I get affiliates. I said “okay”.

Launching = 1 part strategy + 1 part imperfect action. Just go for it . Don’t spend weeks and months trying to figure out if something should be 197 or 199.

How did it turn out?

Take a look for yourself. Here’s a behind the scenes tour:


Create & launch your course in 2 weeks with these 5 easy (& wildly unusual) steps. – Tweet this!


If you’re ready to join the FB Party. Grow your List & Sell Out Your Next Launch, join us now! This course is here for a good time, but not a long time.