Looking for the best female online entrepreneurs to follow in 2018? Well we all know there are many to watch but these are my top picks for you!

For the Hustle

  1. Halley Gray – Be Booked Out

Some people talk about how to build a successful biz. This is one of the female online entrepreneurs who has a framework for you to learn exactly what you gotta do and when you gotta do it to make it happen. She’s always serving up her advice with a whole hell of a lot of fun so you won’t fall asleep at your laptop.

For Your Style

  1. Elsa Isaac

Elsa is the brain behind the style of some fantastic female online entrepreneurs. Follow her into the depths of your closet to look as successful as you are.

  1. Flekk

Flekk is a client of ours and owner Lindsey used to be a celebrity make-up artist when she realized ain’t no lady got time for a 1-hour makeup routine. Her pallets are beautiful and even numbered so you know EXACTLY what eyeshadow should go where and with the exact brush to match!

For Your Eyes

  1. Shay Cochrane

AHHH drool worthy flatlays. OMG if anyone will make you want to spend $70 on the perfect picture – this is one of *those* female online entrepreneurs. Sign up to her email list for 20 free images and be seduced with every instagram post.

For Your Words

  1. Laura Belgray

2 words describe Laura: Always. Fresh.

She’s funny and her tips for writing blogs and newsletters are never a snore fest. Laura will definitely call you out if you are using a tired old phrase or if you’re calling yourself a “heart centered entrepreneur” and she’ll do it in a way that makes you laugh.

For Your Blog

  1. Lacy Boggs

If you’re ever wondering Why the F am I even blogging – then you need to meet Lacy. I”m constantly going back to this blog by Lacy to figure out what on earth I’m going to blog about and why. You need this blog, you need Lacy in your life.

For Your Giveback

  1. Kimra

Kimra has some insane online business owner cred. But more than that, she uses her platform to talk about real issues and give money to charities that matter. She’s innovative, fearless and making a difference.

For Your Inspiration

  1. Heather Crabtree

Heather has always been an amazing woman worthy of your attention – and in 2018 more so. In 2017 Heather’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer and in the face of such a nightmare you can imagine just how incredible it is that she shows up everyday to give. Her Facebook Group is alive with entrepreneurs who apply her warrior heart and business savvy. If you feel like you’re not sure if you can do it – watch Heather and be inspired.

For Your Ears

We all need podcasts to keep us inspired while we’re on the go. I like to listen when I’m driving between gigs. Here are two podcasts run by some fabulous female online entrepreneurs you should check out.

  1. Creative Empire
  2. Thinkngrowchick

For Your Downtime

  1. Lisa Funk – Handlettering

Ahhh mindful lettering, it’s the 2018 version of adult coloring. Lisa is a client and I can tell you her courses and products are so fantastic and that’s why they fly through the PayPal checkout and the online shopping carts. Get yours so you’re not checking your email at 9 pm at night and 1 in the am.

For Your Productivity

  1. I’ve been watching Neesha Woolery do her thing for awhile now and I have to say I’m continually impressed. Want to take the little things off your plate and slide into super productive mode in your business? If you’re into saving time and freeing up your weekends then look no further my friend.

For Your Woo

One of the things I love about running a business with Lindsey Bast is we openly talk about how our energy is affecting our business. When we’re stuck we are making Reiki appointments, doing full moon exercises.

  1. https://chris-anne.com

Lindsey pulls from Chris-Anne’s beautiful Oracle deck. It’s specifically for small business owners like you and I. The guidance we get? SOOO helpful.

  1. Kerry Rowett

I like to meet with Kerry and I highly recommend her course Align & Attract — it is fantastic! Old beliefs that are holding you back – be damned! You don’t need to hustle all the time. Kerry has a way for you to find ease in business.

For Your Money

  1. Denise Duffield Thomas

You’ve got money blocks. We’ve all got money blocks. Clients not paying on time? Scared to ask for the amount of money you want? Take that to Denise and her blogs and course will clear your blocks and have you bringing in the money that you deserve.