What is a launch?

My husband has been looking for a new job. We’d like to move back to the city my family lives in… the city we fell in love in… the city we want to raise our babies in.

Helping him prep for his interview was both hilarious and excruciating.

Words like: “on-boarding”; “results driven”; “knowledge base”.

They make me want to giggle and puke at the same time.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you’ll know that I am now a “launch strategist”.

But what is a launch?

It’s dangerous to assume everyone knows what it means. I made a video to explain it to you.

The bottom line is, we’re all launching – all the time.

Every blog post, podcast episode, workshop, new offering, new idea is a launch.

Your next project is worth launching. – Tweet This!

What are you launching? Do you have any launching questions?


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  • Hi Faridah! I am so excited I found your site! I loved your guide to the 7 monsters and have a feeling I will be reading it daily for a little while! lol. I am currently launching my group coaching program for moms who want to build passion based businesses and still have time to be super mom! I’m wavering back and forth between excitement and fear! lol.

    • That sounds like a much needed program Natalie! Best of luck to you! I can relate to feeling excited and a bit terrified at the same time ! LOL

  • Hi Farideh!

    I’m creating a program to train women how to start their own virtual assistant business. When is the optimal time to start promoting a program before the cart closes? I imagine it’s about 3 months?

    • Really depends on the price point and such Billie. I always say the best time to start promoting it is now. The more you can talk about it the more desire is created 🙂

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