Welcome to Farideh.com

It's here!

Ack! It’s here.

I know this may be more exciting for me than it is for you. I feel a little like a 4 year old who wants to show you my bedroom and all my toys.

I have monsters, ukuleles, songs and stories to show you. I’ve hid them all over these pages. Feel free to click and play!

I have a lot of people to thank, but first I want to thank you for coming and visiting. This site was made to surprise and delight you.

Please enjoy.

Thanks to my small army for making the new place possible:

Leah Kalamakis web designer
Laura Belgray copywriting
Maggie Patterson copywriting
Desiree Martin Photography
Caty McCollagh Hair and makeup



PS. In the next few weeks, I’ll be adding more surprises. Join the newsletter to be the first to know!

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  • OMG I LOVE THIS. The colors are like, bam. Your pics are like, oh yeah. Your copy is all like, that’s right.

    Much success to you and your new site. “Party Over Here” bit*hes

  • Congrats on the site launch! Lovin’ it – bright, bold and kinda punchy…reminds me of someone… 😉

  • Love the colors (and the launch monster!)

  • This is amazing! Love it so much … totally matches your personality too. Enjoy!

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