What is a soft launch?

In this week’s video, I’ll share the answer what a soft launch is and explain why I love them!  I also share how I have used soft launches as a musician.

Gordon Ramsay is the king of soft launches

Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen? He’s the guy who screams at chefs and restaurant owners until they cry.

I used to hate that show. I’m a pretty gentle spirit. Any kind of yelling feels like violence to me.

I recently watched it and I actually realized that he’s pretty brilliant.

Beyond the yelling is Gordon’s desire to wake up entrepreneurs. Many of the people he serves are in great peril. They are in denial about the state of their businesses. They just don’t see where they need to improve.  Just like when parents get angry at kids for running out in the streets, Ramsay yells at these restaurant owners to prevent them from going bankrupt or burning their family ties.

After the restaurateurs finally break to Ramsay’s authority and start following his advice, their businesses start working a lot better.

When they’re ready for opening night, Ramsay doesn’t allow them to go balls to the wall and launch in a big way.

He gets them to do a “soft launch”.

What is a soft launch?

A soft launch allows the owners to test the skills of their team; make sure they have enough supplies; ensure that any hiccups are ironed out.

I recommend having your own soft launch for your online course or next product release.

Don’t have a launching nightmare! Soft launch instead. Here’s how.  – TWEET THIS! 

Have you ever done a soft launch? How did it go?

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  • Looove this! Thanks Farideh 🙂

  • Great video and great content!!! Thanks Farideh

  • Awesome advice. I know every time I launch the Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge I learn something new & make adjustments as I go along. I am planning a new soft launch for a group coaching program by the end of this month. weeee I love being my own boss!!

  • I have only done soft launches so far and I love it!! I got a few beta testers and mentioned I had my course available but didn’t do any hardcore promoting or advertising. I got lots of feedback on my course, so I’m sharpening it up and adding new info. This week I’m ‘hard launching’ it, tonight actually, with a webinar. I’m very excited about it!!

    • Kimra! You’re a total pro. Man your ambition – you are always rocking it.

      Beta testing to hardcore launching. I absolutely adore your business prowess.

  • Great advice, Farideh!!

    I have a course that I’m working on now and plan to do a soft launch first. I’m going to personally reach out to a few people that I’d love to work with and invite them to the program. I’m super excited!! 🙂

    Loved the story about your cat!! Ha.

    • OOO, that is wonderful Jennifer.
      On a side note – I’m a big fan of the personal invites to work. So many people are afraid of them but I really think its effective.

      Let me know how it goes!

  • I am actually in the middle of a soft launch right now! I have made a mag for my opt-in and have shared it in a couple of groups I am in before I tell my list and share on social media – I just wanted to get opinions and make sure there wasn’t any problems with it first 🙂 Launching to everyone else tomorrow and can’t wait to see what happens!!

    • Yes! Thats awesome. I’m so glad you got the feedback and tested it – I’m sure it helped your confidence too.

      YAYA! Launching! I can’t wait to see what happens too!

  • Hmm so a beta round and then a soft launch, and a hardcore launch the 2nd time? Or does the soft launch replace the beta round?

    • Yes. So beta, then soft, then hard. Except for some a beta and a soft is the same thing. Hope that helps!

  • I have done a soft launch for an idea (no content written, just to my email list) and sold an eCourse worth $3000 to my email list alone! I have since ran another 2 rounds earning another $1500.
    I’m now doing another soft launch with new website, as I have to build up blog content and aiming for the launch in 3 months, with video sales funnels + advertising. I can’t wait!

  • Awesome video! I am doing a small launch on July 12 at a Family Day Outdoor picnic.

    Everyone will be there and my new photobooth which I am launching. If you enter and take a photo, you can sign up to share it, post, and instantly print it. I will grab tons of new leads and email address.

    I will do a big & hard launch in October!

    • YAYA! I love that while you’re planning an in person event you’re grabbing emailing addresses for leads. Way to keep the momentum going!

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