Should I do a webinar?

Why yes, I do take requests and suggestions. For this song I was inspired by two conversations.

One was with Elissa Jayne, a fabulous graphic designer who said that webinars made her want to barf. Check! Got it! Thats a perfect song lyric. HA!

The second conversation was with Laura Belgray who said that eventually everyone asks themselves “Should I do a webinar?”

A song was born!


Here’s the lyrics so you can sing along!

I run an online business
I’ve been building my email list
I think i’m finally ready to launch
I’ve got a million things to do
but I am stuck at 402
Maybe you, can help me decide
for the question on my mind is:
Should I, Should I do a webinar
Should I, they kinda make me wanna barf
The people say, the conversion rates are high
Should I, should I do a webinar
Should I, they can’t be very hard
The people say, the conversion rates are amazing

@faridehceaser’s latest biz song will you decide whether a webinar is right for you… or not. ­ – Tweet this!

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