How Sarah earned $100,000 from her online course in 2015


Thinking about launching a new or existing product or service? The “Behind the Launch” series is just for you.

I love these features because 1) they show us what is possible and they prove:

There is no one way to launch.

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Here is Sarah Hart’s Behind the Launch Story

Learn all about Sarah over at

The 7 Launch Monsters That Will Kill Your Online Launch & How to Beat Them

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  • Karina

    Thanks for sharing Sarah. I’m launching this year and may need some help from Farideh – your story is inspirational!

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Julie-Headshot Farideh’s knowledge of tech and Facebook ads is something I didn’t have, but needed to make this launch a success…. Working with Farideh is amazing. She’s knowledgeable, professional and easy going. Plus, she helped make my launch successful and stress-free. That’s as good as launches get!
Julie Parker,