The Launch Playbook

You know you need to launch.

But when you think about all the things you need to do, you get stuck. 

The kind of stuck that brings any forward momentum to a screeching halt.

You’re paralyzed about actually taking that first stepor perhaps you have no clue what that first step might be.

Every time you look at that to-do list, your head spins, doubt creeps in, and nothing gets done.

You push back dates, shuffle around action items in your planner, and take more naps. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re gun shy because your previous launches weren’t a success, doing business online means you need to launch easily and effectively.

The Launch Playbook provides you with the EXACT step-by-step instructions for how launch effortlessly and profitably without losing another nights sleep.

What is the Launch Playbook?

The Launch Playbook is a digital guide that leads you through all the elements of a launch in an easy, step-by-step manner.

Checklists, budget, calendars are all in one place so you never lose a single detail.

The worksheets make writing your sales page and launch emails effortless.

Every step of the way the Launch Playbook is there for you.

It’s beautiful and it’s fun!


Know the exact steps to keep your launch simple, fun & profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can The Launch Planner Help Me Launch _________?

The Launch Planner is specifically helpful for an online launch. Whether it is for an ebook, course, program, serivce or live event, the Launch Playbook is here for you.

Here are some questions worth asking yourself to see if the Playbook is right for you:

1) Do you need a sales page? A place where people get all the info and click a button to sign up?

2) Do you need to send emails to your email list to let them know about your launch?

3) Will you need to use various forms of marketing to let people know about your launch? (Aka. social media, webinars, blogs, newsletters, networking, advertising)

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Launch Planner can help you.


2. I’m In! When Will I Get The Launch Playbook?

Great! The Launch Playbook is available only as a digital PDF.  This way you'll get your copy immediately. 

Purchase your Launch Playbook by clicking on any of the teal boxes. You will be taken to a payment page. Once you fill out your payment details and click send, your Playbook will be in your Inbox almost immediately.


3. I'm not ready yet. Where can I access the Launch Mini-Playbook?