#1 Tip for Creating Passive Income

Are you working all hours of the night, too many hours, and you’re ready to create some passive income? Well, that’s great because I’m Farideh from Farideh.com, and today we’re going to talk about my number one tip for creating passive income while freelancing. All right. Here we go. My number one tip for passive income while freelancing: Makesure whatever you have in your service business, your freelancing business, is as passive as humanly possible because, right now, you’re probably working way too many hours to even create that passive income product.

Make Your Services Passive!

Here’s what I’m thinking. Is your “Hire Me” form super easy? How about that booking the consultation totally automated? Do you have your contracts one click, send – people can respond back to you? Do you have your welcome package already set out, your packaging all set out, as many things as humanly possible already made passive?

I’m talking invoices, proposals, project management, a good-bye package – all those things as passive as humanly possible. That’s where I started with creating my own passive product. I took a really great course called Stress Less & Impress, and I figured it out. I followed Leah’s system on how exactly to make the most passive product humanly possible. That was passive services. That’s how I started. I still do provide some services, and it’s all as passive as possible. That’s where you need to start. That’s my number one tip. When you’re ready to create passive income is to make sure that your services are as passive as possible because admin eats up way too much of your time. Once you have that happening, you have room to create your passive product.

I’m Farideh from Farideh.com, and I’ve actually added Leah’s cheat sheet for Stress Less & Impress down below. Click the link. I am an affiliate for Stress Less & Impress. I absolutely 100% completely back this course. It’s probably one of the best. It’s the best course I’ve ever taken that actually helped my bottom line.

Yeah, check out that cheat sheet, and I hope it helps you.

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