TFP018: Marsha Shandur’s Dork Goblin & Networking for introverts


If opportunities are all about “who you know”, make sure you know someone fabulous.

Marsha Shandur is fabulous.

In this episode of the Tribe Finder Podcast we discuss the real issues….like pancakes, goblins and being funny.

Marsha Shandur is the gentle forest fairy who guides introverts into the networking light after years of hiding in the shadows.

As the founder of, she helps people (like you and me) build tribes through personal connection…instead of shmooze fests.

When she’s not showing people how to do networking that’s actually FUN, you can find Marsha running her own storytelling show, interviewing comedians for her forthcoming book and holding solo ipod dance parties.

Transform the way you think about networking – and see Marsha in a variety of wigs – at

She has a little something extra for you and me over at

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Julie-Headshot Farideh’s knowledge of tech and Facebook ads is something I didn’t have, but needed to make this launch a success…. Working with Farideh is amazing. She’s knowledgeable, professional and easy going. Plus, she helped make my launch successful and stress-free. That’s as good as launches get!
Julie Parker,