TFP019: Laura Belgray spills the secret to non-sucky copy

laura belgrayLaura Belgray is a wonder pot of scintillating words, wit and hilarity. Throughout the show, you’ll hear me giggling and trying to bribe her with locks of hair and stories of flatulence.

Yes folks, it’s that kind of show.

Laura started out writing TV promos for HBO and VH1. Now, she focuses on writing web content – a switch that blossomed over time from her friendship with business expert Marie Forleo. 

In this episode, I share some of my embarrassing stories while Laura reveals the origins of her business name. You’ll love it.

Check out the 5 Secrets to Non-Sucky Copy over on Laura’s website:

The 7 Launch Monsters That Will Kill Your Online Launch & How to Beat Them

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  • I loved it, ladies! Thank you! 🙂 Looking forward to the happy, healthy copy baby. 😀

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Nikki-Elledge-Brown-300x300I love how Farideh takes the overwhelm out of something we all tend to resist like crazy (even though we *know* it can lead to direct ROI!). The way she breaks each step into simple (often melodic) chunks is as delightfully refreshing as she is.
Nikki Elledge Brown,