My 2 week Internet detox diet

I’m going on my honeymoon.

I’m not bringing my computer.

Will there be sweaty Facebook with-drawl like symptons?

How about a Facebook emergency?

Will I be able to hear my own intuition again?

We’ll find out soon. Hello internet detox!

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  • You’re awesome. I think this is so necessary and great for getting fresh insights on where we’re going in our biz (and normal) lives. Have an amazing trip!

    • Farideh

      Thanks Leah! I feel like we have to carve out the future we want and its easy to feel like we have to be online ALL THE TIME!

  • Yay! Have loads of fun and peace. Looking forward to the stories (not all of them, it is your honeymoon afterall). Smooches!

    • Farideh

      I’m going to save the most graphic stories for you!

  • Yay, well done! This is exciting and I am very impressed.

    Have an amazing honeymoon!!

    • Farideh

      I’ll let you know how it goes eeeeeeeee so scary!

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