How to promote yourself without feeling like a narcissistic egomaniac

Do you worry that you are bothering your list with too many emails?

Are you concerned that people will get turned off by all your social posts talking about your program, services or launch?

Do you hold back from promoting because you’re worried you’re annoying people?

You’re not alone!

During a launch you have to promote yourself with reckless abandon. For your launch period you’re usually:

  1. Sharing in your FB groups
  2. Sending emails to your list
  3. Writing blogs about your program
  4. Inviting people personally to buy
  5. Posting on every social media platform
  6. Hosting a special event like a webinar or opening (which requires you do 1-5 all over again)

This is not comfortable for most well-adjusted human beings. No one wants to be the girl at the party talking entirely about herself.

Yet, during a launch you MUST talk about yourself and your program.

The world MUST make the world know you have something to offer.

Without promoting yourself and your program, your launch will be forgotten.


Here are some things I do to help myself and my clients launch without feeling like a narcissistic egomaniac:

1. Schedule it out

With all my clients and especially during the Fun & Simple Launch,  I advise you to write out all your launch emails and social media posts BEFORE your launch date. Once these are done you schedule everything to go out without you needing to notice.

This allows you to entirely forget you are promoting yourself and leaves energy to promote in different ways.

2. Remember, no one is actually noticing all that promo

One of the reasons we need to promote so heavily is that we need to see something at least 7 times for it to be even slightly memorable.

Your email list doesn’t notice that you sent 7 emails this week. Your twitter followers won’t see all of your daily tweets.

Most importantly, the only person who sees every one of your promotional posts is YOU. No one else sees them all.

3. Make marketing fun

If you’re genuinely excited about your marketing efforts and the product you are offering, you can’t help but talk about it! If webinars make you feel sick – don’t do them! You won’t want to promote it. If you lalalalala love instagram – go crazy there!! Leverage what you enjoy to make talking about your launch easy easy easy.

4. Ask others to help you share

In the Fun & Simple Launch, I share scripts I personally use to approach friends and clients to ask them to share about my launches. Your champions are more than happy to tell the world how amazing you are. Use them to your advantage and you’ll feel a sense of relief having them do some of the work for you.

Note: the easier you can make it for them the better. Create a page with click-to-tweets, images and other suggestions, so it’s a total no-brainer for them.

5. Repeat “You must make yourself known my dear” in a British Accent

I used to feel anxious and completely humiliated when I introduced myself to someone important, marketed myself or was particularly bold. Actually, I still do.

During these times, my British grandmother would share with me what her mother would tell her, “You must make yourself known my dear”.

I continue to repeat this to myself during time of anxiety or fear of over promoting.

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If you’re ready to get your launch without feeling like a egomaniac, check out the Fun & Simple Launch. Doors close this Friday.

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  • Farideh – I struggle with self promotion and good to read before my re-launch (currently in beta).

  • Another great post! Your giving me good creative with that knowledge nugget about needing to repeat something 7 times before it’s remembered.
    Oh and I’ve just got to say– Your use of color combo’s & layout is so good!!! Thanks for the tips!

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