Need to fire your client? Let me show you how.

The art of firing a client is an essential skill in business.

While it may set your tummy in spastic diarrhea inducing fear, firing your client is one of the BEST actions you can take in building the business of your dreams.

To take the load off, I wrote a song for you.



Here’s the lyrics so you can sing along!

I don’t know what to say,
I don’t know what to do
All i know is
I don’t like working with you

I’ve held my tongue and tried to be quiet
but  you are a terrible client
and I don’t like working with you

So take the money
I don’t need the cash
Just please do not
Ever come back
Let me say
’cause i’m inspired

I don’t like to be, a very negative a negative nancy
but i don’t like working with you

Here’s a list of who i recommend
Who can see your project to the end
’cause i don’t like working with you

I can see, that you’re confused
You didn’t know a customer could be excused
But let me say, cause i’m inspired

Dear Customer, Thank you for your business You’re FIRED!

You’re fired
Don’t Email Me
Thank you for your loyalty
But you’re fired

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