What burlesque dancing can teach you about launching

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.37.19 AMHave you ever been to a burlesque show? I have to say, that’s the best audience I’ve ever sung too (Note: I stayed fully dressed).

The dancer teaches her audience to love and adore her with the art of the tease.

She looks at you.

She looks at her glove.

She looks at you.

She rolls the glove down half an inch.

She bites her lip.

She looks at you.

The glove is halfway to her wrist.

The crowd is going wild in a frenzy!

They can hardly contain their excitement watching the glove come off.

It’s just a glove people! BUT they love it! They love it immensely.

Don’t even get me started on her stockings.

How can you get your audience chanting for more? Use the art of seduction during your next launch to sell your course.

Here’s how:

The art of seduction can help you sell out your next online launch. @Faridehceaser shows us howTWEET THIS!

What can burlseque dancing teach you about your launching? Learn here

What are your seduction techniques when it comes to getting your clients hot for your next launch?

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  • LOVE THIS!!! Totally going to start doing this even just for blog posts and videos.


    • You are the queen of seduction Marsha! You will do this amazingly well!

      • Dude, I have to come back and report that this has been a bit of a game-changer for me. I’m having SO MUCH fun posting “behind the scenes” stuff and people love it!
        Thank you!

        • ACK! So good! I’ve been watching you on insta on facebook and thinking DAMN THAT IS SOME GOOD SEDUCTION TECHNIQUES!

  • What? I never even thought about doing this before! Great idea Marsha to tease people on blog posts. I always thought I needed to get everything done and released before people would want to hear about it. It comes at the perfect timing because I’m releasing a membership site in September…almost 30 days away. Thanks Farideh!!!

  • Fo’ sho’! My recent mini-announcement of my upcoming product gave me more FB likes than anything else in a long time. Cool beans! Coming up: sneak peak of how it’s gonna look 🙂 Great reminder.

  • Farideh! First, your name is really fun to say. Second, you made me smile throughout your whole dang video. I’ve only seen one other vid before today (get back to work girl, frickin hilarious and spot on), and already I love. So yeah, just be Led Zeppelin. That’s the takeaway for me.

  • I really like your practical ideas such as photo of desk and working on the idea, for me I could show sketches which I hadn’t thought to do before. As Laura has said it’s that thinking that everything has to be perfect before being revealed, but people love to see the process and development.

  • LOVED THIS!!! It’s such a great way to reinforce what you’re doing and stay accountable which is an added bonus as it’s so easy to be like “oh yeah I should do that this week”… and yet not actually do it! But if you’ve said it out loud it helps those ideas to flow and helps each bit of content ‘make it’.

    Thank you 🙂 xxx

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