Unless you’ve been living with your laptop in Siberia with no wifi - you’ve heard of passive income. Maybe you’re looking for the BEST passive income ideas for your business. Before I start on the list of ideas I’ve put together, let me start with a little info. What I want you to know - […] Read More


In January, we started working with a new client with amazing potential, Irene Lyon and her program SmartBody, SmartMind. In 3 months together we were able to get her 4000 new email subscribers and generate $225,000 US in sales JUST from FB ads - all with only a 12K ad spend! "They brought in over […] Read More


  Pin me baby one more time! Jan 1, 2013. I was in Florida on a family vacation. I was a full time musician and I was getting married. This was before I started my online business and I was heavily in debt. I didn’t have the courage before this moment to add all my […] Read More


As a launch strategist and Facebook advertising manager I’ve been on the team of many a launches and a few 6 figure launches. Making 6 figures online on your first launch is not easy. As much as we see stories of people who do it overnight, generally it’s a longer process of multiple launches over […] Read More

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You don’t need to do EVERYTHING when it comes to launching or planning your launch strategy. I’ve been around the online block long enough now that I’ve seen the fads of vlogging, podcasting, periscope, e.t.c. come and go. It was something you just “HAD to do”. Now? Meh. Maybe, if it works for you. See, […] Read More


When you’re creating an online product sometimes its hard to decide between whether you should open the doors and then close the doors (aka launch) or always keep it for sale (evergreen), here are 5 questions to help you decide whether launching or evergreen is for you. Typically when you launch your online course customers […] Read More

3 ways to find new targets

If you’ve been running your FB ads for awhile you might be running out of ideas on new potential clients you could start running your ads to. Or perhaps, you haven’t even started running your FB ads but you know that targeting is the key piece you really want to maximize when it comes to […] Read More


People promote some ridiculous ideas in order to sell you an idea of the “making passive income online” lifestyle. Passive income is not passive. Yes. I’ve made money while I was on the beach….however…. It’s hustle, selling and product creation day in and day out. No, you can’t create a product and have it just selling […] Read More

When not to use facebook ads: when-NOT-to-use-FB-ads-blog

There is lots of buzz about Facebook Ads. Everyone keeps saying you HAVE to be using them, but… Obviously, I love Facebook ads since I teach it and myself and my team offer the services. However, I disagree. There are times when NOT to use Facebook Ads because they won't be worth your time OR […] Read More


Many moons ago I wrote about My Favourite Tools for Launching. I tested out all the best launching tools and narrowed it down to my top picks so you didn’t have to. Flash forward to today where I have now rounded up my top tips and tools for an Evergreen Launch.  So strap on your […] Read More

Leah-circleI sold 10x over my goal and grew my list by 30% with Farideh on my launch team. There is no way I could have done that without her help. Launching is hard. Farideh is a life-saver and you need her.
Leah Kalamakis, leahkalamakis.com