When not to use facebook ads: when-NOT-to-use-FB-ads-blog

There is lots of buzz about Facebook Ads. Everyone keeps saying you HAVE to be using them, but… Obviously, I love Facebook ads since I teach it and myself and my team offer the services. However, I disagree. There are times when NOT to use Facebook Ads because they won't be worth your time OR […] Read More


Many moons ago I wrote about My Favourite Tools for Launching. I tested out all the best launching tools and narrowed it down to my top picks so you didn’t have to. Flash forward to today where I have now rounded up my top tips and tools for an Evergreen Launch.  So strap on your […] Read More


  Phew! You did it! You’ve finally closed your sales page and emotionally recovered from the ups and downs that come with a launch.  But the work isn’t over yet and you need not lose steam! I’ve collected some key things you need to do post-launch to ensure a shimmering launch success! Did you have […] Read More


Pin me baby one more time! Have you hired a Facebook Ads Manager… Analyst… Expert… Strategist? These days, the gurus of Facebook advertising go by many names, but a name doesn’t always validate their expertise. Here are 5 warning signs that your Facebook Ads Manager sucks: Have you been promised 1000 leads at $0.01/lead? Maybe […] Read More

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So here’s the thing, I’m bored of teaching people to launch. I’m also seeing success in my music career and I want to follow those open doors. Sooo…its time for another change. For some reason I assumed that starting my business was the only leap I would need to take but no. Not. At. All. I leaped when I […] Read More

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out these productivity hacks to run your online business

Hey there I'm Farideh from Farideh.com! I'm a musician, I run an online business and I'm also a mother to a 15 month old. So I wanted to share with you some productivity hacks that you can use to run your business. One of the reasons why I always wear this black shirt for my videos […] Read More

Should I hire a VA now? This is why you need a VA BEFORE you can afford it.

Pin me baby one more time! Have you ever wondered, "Should I hire a VA?" Hey there, I'm Farideh from Farideh.com! I'm a musician a launch strategist and I run an online business. Today I want to talk to you about why you need a VA now and not just when you can afford it. It's […] Read More

Should you delete a mean comment? Mean commments on my social media post

I'm Farideh from Farideh.com and you know what? People ask me should I delete mean comments on my social media post? Well this has inspired so many feelings in me that I just need to share them. Here is my note to the strangers: I have a very important announcement. Firstly, I know you're not […] Read More

2 businesses on 20 hours a week

  Hey there, I’m Farideh from Farideh.com. I’m a musician, a launch strategist and I run an online business. Today I wanted to share with you how I run two businesses on 20 hours a week. Here is my secret… I have 2 pairs of pants and 7 assistants. That is my secret. That is […] Read More

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Hi! I’m Farideh from Farideh.com and today we’re talking about 5 signs you need a launch strategist or a launch coach for your next launch. Alright so I’ve been working with launches for a number of years now and I’ve seen a couple of signs in particular that you need a launch strategist. You’re not hitting […] Read More

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