TFP021: April Bowles-Olin shares on creativity & tribe building

april bowles olinA few weeks back, I had Mayi Carles on the show. This week, I have her sidekick, mastermind partner, batman to Mayi’s robin -except they are both batman – April Bowles-Olin.

April started out as a social worker. Through a series of creative experiments, she found her way into creative entrepreneurship.

On this week’s episode, April Bowles-Olin shares how she prepared for her recent talk for Creative Live, how she built her tribe, and how to stay creative and joyful in your business.

Do you use joy as a way to guide your business? Comment below.

Check April out at her website

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Nikki-Elledge-Brown-300x300I love how Farideh takes the overwhelm out of something we all tend to resist like crazy (even though we *know* it can lead to direct ROI!). The way she breaks each step into simple (often melodic) chunks is as delightfully refreshing as she is.
Nikki Elledge Brown,