Hi, I’m Farideh.

I help entrepreneurs launch big ideas, brilliantly.

No blazers.

No monotone voices.

No icky-gross-make-me-want-to-vomit sales techniques.

Here, I make marketing, Facebook advertising & launching a creative expression.

You need someone who gets who you are, and won’t just pull out the cookie cutter “this is what everyone else is doing” advice.

That someone is me, Farideh Ceaser. I’m a launch strategist and musician.

Whether its helping you expand your business or launch an online course – I’m here to help and so is my team!

Meet Lindsey!

I make sales funnels and Facebook advertising effortless.

Yes, there is someone who loves this kinda stuff – it’s me!


Ellissa-circleI have more clarity about my launch and pre-launch tactics because of working with Farideh. I love her ideas, humour and her ideas (did I mention I really love her ideas?).
Ellissa Jayne, ellissajayne.com