The 3 professionals you need on your launch team

No one can launch alone.

It’s kind of like birth.

It’s not a good idea to have a baby by yourself in your bathtub.

Can you do it alone? Yes.

Should you do it alone? Probably not.

Ideally, a team of loved ones and professionals launch a baby into this world. A team should launch your next course or program into this world too.

Do you need a launching midwife?

Get yourself a launch team. Here’s who you need.TWEET THIS

In this week’s video,  I share the 3 professionals you need on your launch team.


Who are the 3 pros you need on your launch team? Who is on your launch dream team?

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  • So true! Sometimes it’s “easy” to want to do it alone, but then we end up overwhelmed. Having a dedicated team is what actually eases the pressure.

  • Definitely agree with your list. I’d add a designer as #4. For most of my clients, I’ve been something of a launch strategist-VA-tech support hybrid, but my design skills are limited. So, I always recommend they hire someone who can handle any design needs and make it cohesive with their overall brand.

    • Oh yes! Thats a great addition Yoneco! A designer can be so helpful for making your launch beautiful and in brand.

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Julie-Headshot Farideh’s knowledge of tech and Facebook ads is something I didn’t have, but needed to make this launch a success…. Working with Farideh is amazing. She’s knowledgeable, professional and easy going. Plus, she helped make my launch successful and stress-free. That’s as good as launches get!
Julie Parker,